Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the website harness finder?
Please see our harness finder guide
How do I log into my online account?
Click the 'Sign In' button on the top right, then click 'Sign In' , enter your email and password and click log in.
How do I change my password?
Visit our forgotten password page, type in your email of your account and submit the form. You will the receive an email with a link to reset your password.
How do I register for a trade account?
When creating your account on our register page, tick the 'Are you a trader?' tick box. Once ticked, please fill out the extra fields that appear. Once the form is submitted your trade details will be sent for review. If approved we will email you letting you know.
Will my harness come with the battery cables?
Our harnesses do not come with battery cables. Where we have the specification for these, they will appear in the listing for your vehicle. We will always offer them as an option rather than including them. If we do not list them, then all parts are available in the Electrical Components section of our website.
Pre-Engaged Starters

A Pre-Engaged starter motor will make the existing starter Solenoid redundant. In most instances this is where the wiring harness picks up power from the battery.

What does this mean for the modified harness?

The battery pick up is now on the actual starter motor, so we need to extend the old Solenoid position (on the harness) to the starter motor. We need the additional length taking into consideration routing through the engine bay i.e. the distance from the old solenoid to the new starter motor. 

Do you have a guide for the colour coding of each harness?

All harnesses for English vehicles are manufactured using the British Standard Colour Code which was used by the manufacturer at the time. For a full list click here

Standard Colour Abbreviations

B Black
G Green
K Pink
N Brown
O Orange
P Purple
R Red
S Slate
U Blue
W White
Y Yellow
LG Light Green
Can you re-cover my existing harness?

PVC Taped harnesses can easily be re-covered by the owner. Harness tape is available in the Electrical Components section of our website.

Re-covering a braided harness is something that has to be done via our in-house braiding service, and we can braid your original or custom harness. The cost is £3.50 per foot plus return carriage & VAT.

We endeavour to turn these jobs around as soon as possible.

Please note: We cannot braid single wires.

If you would like any more information on this service please visit our harness rebraiding page

Can I send you my original harness?
If you need a harness for a vehicle but we've never seen a pattern for it we may be able to replicate your original harness, in this case please visit our harness replication page for more information.
How do I return a harness?
If you need to return a product, please contact us first to discuss it. If you then choose to send the products back please print, complete and include our returns form here
I'm building a kit car, do you have a harness that I could use?
Yes, we have a range of kit car wiring harnesses, further information can be found here.
Can you fit my harness for me?
We only manufacture and distribute our harnesses to customers, we do not fit them.
How will I receive my order?
Click here to see our delivery charge information
Do your harnesses include headlamp pigtails?
On most vehicles the harness ends short of the headlamps, and headlamp pigtails connect the harness to the headlamps themselves. As headlamps are sometimes supplied with these, and in other cases customers do not wish to replace them, we offer them a separate item within our Electrical Components section.
9 or 14 strand cable?
We have been questioned in the past as to why we use 9 strand cable when it was never used originally. This was because in the old days Lucas manufactured two sizes of 14 strand cable. 14/0.10 (14/0.25mm) and 14/0.12 cable. (14/0.30mm). As all of the larger sizes of cables had a strand size of 0.12 (0.30mm), Lucas rationalised their manufacturing and replaced the odd 14/0.10 cable with 9/0.12 (9/0.30mm) giving an equal carrying capacity.
Will my harness connect to the front and/or rear lamps?
Generally a harness will go all the way to the rear lights and connect to either the lamp itself, or to wires that are attached to the lamp. Traditionally the harness at the front end would end with bullet connectors inboard of the headlamps. This would then need headlamp leads, usually around three feet long, to go out to the lamps themselves. We can supply these as separate parts if required. Please see our Electrical Components section of the website.
Do you fit bullet sleeves?
Our general rule is to fit any bullet connecting sleeves larger than a single one. This removes the question of which wires to fit in which connector at certain points. Single connectors, and any extra larger ones, are available in our Electrical Components section of the website.
Do you offer bulb holders?

Due to the unavailability of many of the original metal bulbholders, plastic replacements are fitted which take a modern capless bulb. A large range of bulbs can be found in our Electrical Components section.

The common replacements that we use are:

Replacement holders for a BA7S 12V 2W panel & warning light bulb take a 12V 1.2W capless bulb which can be found here

Replacement holders for a 12V 2.2W panel bulb take a 12V 3W capless bulb which can be found here

Do you have circuit diagrams for the harness modifications?
Diagrams for all of the modifications available as options on the website are available here 
Do you have a conversion chart for the Rolls Royce Wire Size?
This is the conversion from Rolls Royce wire sizes
Rolls Royce Size Strand
23/36 14 strand
40/36 28 strand
90/36 44 strand
Do you have a conversion chart for the American Wire Gauge (AWG)?
This is the conversion chart for American Wire gauge (AWG) sizes
AWG Strand
19 9
17 14
14 28
12 44
10 65
9 84
8 97
8 120
Do you have a metric measurement conversion chart?
Inches 1/8" 3/16" 1/4" 5/16" 3/8" 1/2" 5/8"
Millimetres 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 16mm
Cable Application Guide

PVC & Braided Cable

Size Cross Section Nominal O/D Carrying Capacity General Use




5.75 Amps

LT Ignition

Side & Tail Lamps 

General Wiring




8.75 Amps

28/0.3 2.0mm2 3.15mm 17 Amps


Major Accessory Feeds

44/0.3 3.0mm2 3.95mm 25 Amps


Control Box


65/0.3 4.5mm2 4.85mm 35 Amps

Alternator Feed


84/0.3 6.0mm2 5.7mm 42 Amps
120/0.3 8.5mm2 6.8mm 60 Amps

Thin Wall Cable

Size Cross Section Nominal O/D Carrying Capacity
16/0.2 0.50mm2 1.7mm 11 Amps
24/0.2 0.75mm2 1.9mm 14 Amps
32/0.2 1.00mm2 2.1mm 16.5 Amps
28/0.3 2.00mm2 2.7mm 25 Amps
44/0.3 3.00mm2 3.4mm 33 Amps
65/0.3 4.5mm2 4.1mm 42 Amps
84/0.3 6.00mm2 4.3mm 50 Amps
120/0.3 8.50mm2 5.6mm 63 Amps
80/0.4 10.00mm2 6.0mm 70 Amps