About Our Harnesses

Our wiring harnesses are manufactured in a variety of finishes.

We use British Standard 6862 PVC insulated automotive cable where applicable. This can then be braided to replicate the classic braided cable look with the modern day PVC cable properties. Once the harnesses are laid they can then be bound in either PVC harness tape or a cloth braiding depending on vehicle.

Original Manufacturers colour coding is used where possible; terminals and fittings are supplied where necessary. We go to great lengths to obtain original-type terminals but on older vehicles some wiring accessories may no longer be manufactured. If terminals and fittings are unobtainable we may omit or substitute for a suitable alternative.

A few patterns are not complete and we may only be able to supply a main harness, we do state this where possible. Some smaller harnesses and sundry items are sold separately, please check before ordering. If in doubt contact us.

The new harnesses are not labelled but will follow the pattern of an original harness. A good tip is to label the old harness up as you take it off. You can then use this as a guide for the replacement. Wiring diagrams are useful to identifying each branch on the harness and location for the wiring in each vehicle however, be aware there can be a few out there for the same vehicle but will say different things. We do not supply a wiring diagram but online we do offer the British Standard Colour code.

Whilst we try to keep as many harnesses as possible in stock some may have to be built. This can be up to 10 weeks from receipt of payment.