Can't Find Your Harness?

Send in your harness for authentic replication

Although we have a vast range of wiring harnesses, we are constantly adding to our collection. If your harness can’t be found on our ‘Harness Finder’ it may be that we haven’t come across it or been asked to manufacture one for that vehicle before.

If you still have your original wiring harness, there’s a high chance we can authentically replicate it.

We invite you view the process below and contact our development team to discuss your desired harness.

Contact Us

Step One – Send us your requirements

Email our development team at with an explanation of your requirements, and pictures of the original wiring harness if possible. If your harness contains unique or unusual features, please highlight these in the email and photography.

Please leave your name and contact details. Our development team will then research your requirements and photography to determine if we can replicate the harness or not.

If we think that there is a high possibility that we can replicate it, we will let you know, and we can move onto the next stage.

Step Two – Send your original wiring harness

Once we have given the green light, we will then ask you to send in your original wiring harness for further inspection. We ask that you fill your details in on the form below, and not only email it to us but to also print off and enclose the form in your parcel with your original harness. This allows us keep track of your harness once it has arrived at Autosparks.

When removing your original wiring harness, we always recommend carefully labelling and taking photos to use as a guide for when you install your new wiring harness. We do not supply fitting instructions for our harnesses, they are like for like replicas for the original.

Download Form Download Address Label

Step Three – Receiving and inspecting your original wiring harness

Once received we will contact you to let you know that it has arrived safely. Our development team will then thoroughly inspect your wiring harness to fully determine if we can indeed replicate it.

If we cannot replicate it, we will inform you and then ship you back your original wiring harness at no cost.

However, if we believe we can replicate it, we will let you know and give you an accurate quotation. Once agreed and the order has been placed, we can move onto the next step.

Step Four – Creating the technical drawing for the original harness

Before we can start the manufacturing process, our dedicated development team will work to backwards engineer your harness.

Making sure to note each individual wire, its purpose and even noting the exact finish it has. The excessive detail that is gathered at this stage allows us to replicate the most authentic harness we possibly can.

Once the technical drawing is complete, we move onto manufacturing the harness.

Step Five – Manufacturing and shipping the new wiring harness

Depending on the exact type of harness, the manufacturing stage can involve up to thirteen different departments. This includes cutting the required wires lengths, laying the wires into the correct positions, all the way to our soldering department.

Before we ship any completed wiring harness, we always send it our checking department to thoroughly inspect each part of the harness. They will make sure it matches exactly with the technical drawing and guarantee its quality.

Only after this quality assurance will the harness be shipped to you.

Old Original Harness vs New Replicated Harness

Old Harness New Harness