Autosparks Wiring Harness Finder User Guide

To help you find the correct wiring harness(es) for your vehicle we have built an online harness finder, you answer a short series of simple questions and are then presented with a list of all the harnesses that are suitable for your vehicle.

To use our finder just follow the simple instructions below.

From our homepage click 'Wiring Harnesses' in the blue navigation bar at the top of the page, or navigate to

You will see the screen below

 Autosparks Wiring Harness Finder

Click on the appropriate option and you're on your way!

Next you will be asked for the marque of your vehicle, you'll notice that there is a search bar at the top which you can type into, as you type, the options are reduced so if you had a Land Rover, you could type la and see the screen below

Harness Finder Question 2

Depending on the type and marque of your vehicle you will be asked some more specific questions regarding some but not all of Fuel Type, Chassis Number Range, Drive Side (LHD / RHD), Body Style.  Once you've answered the questions you will see a list of harnesses like the screenshot below.


Harness Finder Question 3


If you need to change any of the answers you gave you can click on the 'Edit' link to the left of the answer in question.

The list of harnesses you have may be quite extensive if we list a lot of sundry harnesses for your vehicle, be sure to read the descriptions.

Once you're happy that you want a particular harness you can either click on the green 'Add to Cart' button next to it - this will add the harness to your shopping cart for you, or you may have a blue 'Select & View Modifications' button, this will only appear if we offer modifications to the standard loom.  If you click the blue button you will see a screen like the one below.


Harness Finder Mods

To select the modifications you want simply click the box to the left of each modification, when you're done, click the green 'Add to Cart' button to add the harness to your shopping cart.


Once you have selected all the harnesses that you wish to purchase you can click the blue 'Checkout Now' button to start the checkout process.