Sunbeam Tiger Wiring Harness Set - Mk 1 & 1A with Dynamo

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Part Number
Wiring for Alternator
Part Number ALT

Wiring for an Alternator instead of the original Dynamo using heavier wiring. As a rule any Ammeter wiring is also removed as an Ammeter does not give a true reading with a Alternator. Many Ammeters do not have a large enough scale to use with a modern Alternator and the added resistance of having an Ammeter in circuit may damage the regulator of a modern ACR Alternator.

Radio Feeds added
Part Number AUD
Provides power from both Ignition and Permanent Supplies.

Dynalite Type Upgraded Dynamo - up to 42AMP
Part Number DYNO

Modification to upgrade the standard Dynamo wiring if using a Dynalite unit up to 42AMP (Alternator in a Dynamo casing), the charging wires and ammeter wires (if fitted) are upgraded to heavier cables to cope with the higher outputs of the Dynalite unit. You may be also interested in the Dynalite Dummy Control boxes that are designed for this set up. If your Dynalite has a 60AMP rating, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Wiring for Electric Radiator Fan
Part Number FAN

Four wires added to Harness to supply heavy feed to Fan and provision for Thermostat and Over-ride Switch on dash

Wiring for Hazard Warning Lights
Part Number HAZ
Only available when vehicle is fitted with flashing indicators.

Wiring for Accessory Socket on Dash
Part Number SKT

Wiring to fit an Accessory Socket on the Dash which can be fed from Ignition or a permanent feed.


Tiger Mk 1 & 1A with Dynamo

All our wiring harnesses are handmade at our dedicated manufacturing facilities in the East Midlands, ensuring that Classic British Quality which is admired around the world.

Please note we do not supply fitting instructions for our harnesses, they are like for like replicas of the original.

More Information
No. of Pieces 2
Finish PVC Cables with a Taped Outer Covering
Year Built 1965 - 1967
Drive LHD
Suitable Chassis 9470001 - on (Mk 1), Up to B38200270 (Mk 1 A)
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