Powerlite V8 Starter Motor

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Direct replacement for the original unit, fits all V8 Applications.

Strong, powerful, offset gear-reduced starter motor, delivering huge cranking torque through a set of steel internal gears. Lightweight, compact and durable this unit starts the engine faster with immense power, whilst drawing less current from the battery.


  • Bowler Wildcat All V8 Rover Engines
  • Freight Rover Sherpa / LDV V8 3.5l 1985-2006
  • Land Rover All V8 Rover Engines
  • Land Rover V8 3.5l 1970-89
  • Land Rover Series III V8 3.5l 1978-85
  • Land Rover Discovery V8 3.5l 1989-98
  • MG All Rover V8 Engines 1973-76
  • MGB GT V8 1973-76
  • Morgan All V8 Engines
  • Morgan Plus 8 V8 3.5l 1968-90
  • Range Rover All V8 Rover Engines
  • Range Rover V8 3.5l 1970-89
  • Rover All V8 Engines
  • Rover P5B V8 3.5l 1967-73
  • Rover P6B V8 3.5l 1967-76
  • Rover SD1 V8 3.5l 1976-87
  • Triumph TR8 1978-82
  • TVR All V8 Engines. ROVER ONLY
  • TVR 350i V8 3.5l 1980-90


Kilowatts 1.40 kW
Teeth  9
Voltage 12 V
Weight 3.90 kg
Rotation Clockwise
Polarity Dual polarity

** All Powerlite units include a either a two or three year Warranty, determined by manufacture date (which is covered by Powerlite and not ourselves) free of charge, for more information on this policy, please click here. (paragraph 2.) **

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Important notice: This may cause a slight delay on the expected arrival date of your product by a few days, if you are an international customer purchasing this item, as a result.

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